About Carolina

I come from a close-knit Brazilian family who loves food.

My great grandmother was a pastry chef and cake decorator who, until her
nineties, baked the best banana nut cake in the world.  My grandfather and my father are master bakers who introduced loaf bread and later the frozen bread in Brazil. My great aunt was an amazing cook. The best. Whenever we were together we would exchange recipes over something delicious she had made for us to share.  My mother, who never cooked but loves to eat, counted on me to keep the menu different.

From each one of these family members I was taught something important: about perfecting flavours for true enjoyment; about producing quantity without losing quality or authenticity; about the value of family and community, as well as the environment that surrounds us.  Even our weekend trips to the family farm taught me the value of local produce; every weekend, we would find fresh cheese and warm baked goods waiting for us to savour.

It’s really no wonder that it didn’t take long for me to be cooking up my own distinctive treats.

I would scour magazines for new recipes; new ways to please the palate. By the age of ten, I was already making desserts for family celebrations and birthday parties.

I grew up, I fell in love, I started a family, and I would have continued along this happy path if it weren’t for one life-changing idea.  My sister suggested we enrol in the Pastry and Baking Arts program at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City.  Honestly, how could I resist?

In New York, I had the unique opportunity to study under professional chefs who share my passion for flavour.  Finishing my training at Café Boulud with Chef Remy Funfrock and his incredible team, I went home to Brazil where my sister Paula, our friend Zaira and I turned our dream and our knowledge into a thriving custom cake business.

In 2007 was time for my husband to come up with another life-changing idea. We moved to Ottawa and I continue that dream today.  I have taught children how to bake at Christie Lake Kids and the Elmwood School and I have had the great opportunity to share my love for food with people like you.

This is where Carolina’s Box of Goodness was born; from a close-knit Brazilian family, from a passion for real food, from the family farm, from the kitchens of New York City, from the value of a strong community, from a love for the environment, from watching the joy of all who try my recipes.

My products are always handmade, always fresh, and always made with the best ingredients available.  They are made with love and care.  This is my promise to you.

Now the rest is history.  A history written with new explorations, marvellous flavours, and more and more boxes of goodness!